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Gemeo started from the idea to produce Stylish and qualitatively tableware and make is available for everyone, everybody needs to enjoy lovely food on a nice plate with beautiful cutlery. Have a look on our website and web shop to discover what we can offer you.

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Gemeo tries to create an offer so that every person can find what they want within our range. This means we always respond to the latest trends. From white design plates to earthy and robust yet elegant plates, bowls, mugs and cups.
Are you interested? Be sure to visit one of the stores that you can find on the interactive map or take a look in our webshop. If you have made your choice, please feel free to contact us via

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Best Seller


The Wade line originated from the idea of developing a robust, sturdy yet elegant design. By using neutral colors, this collection is ideal for all occasions. It is highly recommended if you choose an eye-catcher within your tableware. The highly detailed edge finish makes it complete. The contrast between the gray and blue color provides more depth in the presentation of your


Serwa bestek

Serwa not an ordinary design with round shapes. Despite the fine handle this cutlery fits very well in your hands. The material consists entirely of stainless steel 304 which offers the highest resistance to corrosive products such as bleach. A larger quantity of stainless steel was used in each product, so that the weight was higher than the average cutlery set. This makes the eating experience more unique. A real recommendation if you want to make a good impression to your friends and family.

Summer Collection


Gemeo Mauricio gives your Black-Grey tableware that extra touch you need. Mauricio is also made out of robust materials with a harder clay type. The glaze layer is matt with black spots, which gives you different effects when presenting your dishes. The symmetric design and structure fits perfectly in an asymmetric environment what’s very trendy today. So opt for sleek yet playful with Gemeo Mauricio